This Is Me.

William Shakespeare once wrote, “True hope is swift and flies with swallow’s wings. Kings it makes gods and meaner creatures kings.” I’ve always found this particular quote to be very powerful. I have a deep hope for a world in which we were all recognized as members of the human race.  These are my feelings.  When some writers write, they write with an intended purpose.  For the purpose of my first blog, I will tell you that, selfishly, I am writing for me.  Honestly, I discovered my love for writing as a kid because as a kid, I often times felt invisible and unheard.  I guess it’s safe to say that I discovered my voice through ink.  Well, here we go.  This is my first blog.  I was born into a world that was marred with poverty, broken dreams, hope, and prayers so fragile that they might break if whispered. My mother was my hero, teacher, warrior, confidant, accountant, cheerleader, advisor, chef, parent, and most importantly, friend.  I had a father.  My mother was my everything.  My mother prepared me for everything the world had to offer except this; living without her.  My mother died on February 23rd, 2008.  It was, by far, the worst day of my life.  To this day, I find myself desperately trying to sleep through the 23rd of February.  After my mother died, I realized that strength is sometimes born out of a state of weakness.  I had to learn how to laugh again.  I had to learn how to stand again.  I had to learn how to live again.  For the first time in my life, I viewed the world through eyes that understood the true power of love.  When I was young, like a child, I thought that the true definition of love was passion and passion’s tempting heat.  As a man, I understand that the definition of true love is not simply enjoying the heat of passion, but also embracing the winter of love’s discontent with a full awareness that it won’t always be this way.  I am not perfect.  I have sometimes failed as a man.  I have sometimes failed as a father.  I failed as a husband because I had no idea how to love.  I sometimes feel like a failure as a professional because I have chosen to take the “safe” road rather than not only embrace, but enjoy all of the victories and perils of pursuing my true dreams.  However, there is one thing that I have not failed at; I have never failed to believe that the world can change.  You see, I’ve got this theory.  I’ve got this theory that during one’s life, they are destined to die and be reborn several times. In my latest rebirth, I feel that we, as members of the human race, must begin to both view and treat one another as members of the human race.  Could you imagine a world in which we were all human?  Can you imagine that?  Can you imagine a world in which we tried to find ways to save human lives rather than spending an extraordinary amount of time trying to fund ways to take lives?  Can you imagine a world in which schools had a surplus of funds and we developed plans to end homelessness and hunger?  Can you imagine a world in which we all had access to, and drank, clean water?  Can you imagine if we were human?  Throughout my blogs, I promise to be honest.  I can tell you that I am not perfect, nor do I seek to be.  My name is Patrick, but everyone calls me Gee.  These are MY truths, not THE truth.  If you can relate, reach out to me.  I am a HUEMAN.  In my opinion, that is the most important race in the world.

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