My Mother Has Wings

Not too long ago, I learned that my mother was really sick.

After I spoke to my father, he told me that this was something that chicken noodle soup couldn’t fix.

So, I cleaned up my room, and I even washed the dishes.
If there was anything that she wanted, I used my small hands to grant her wishes.
She went to the doctor, and she even lost her hair.
When she couldn’t get out of bed, I let her sleep with my most favorite bear.
It was late on a Saturday when she finally closed her eyes.
That’s when I learned that my mother now lives above the sky.
She lives in a place where the sun always shines, and they even say it never rains.
She always sees rainbows, and she never feels pain.
She no longer has to be sick and worry about taking her medicine and other things.
I learned that my mother let go of her pain, and she picked up her wings.
Even though I’m sad that we can’t see each other every day,
I’m accepting that God must have wanted it this way.
My mother always said that I should be all that I can be.
When she’s flying above the clouds looking down, I really hope that she’s proud of me.
Out of winning first place in the spelling bee or getting a trophy for the fifty yard run,
I am most proud of the fact that God chose me to be her son.
Patrick M. Garland (2017)
(Sometimes, we have to remember the inner child that lives within us.  This is that little boy speaking to my mother on the other side of creation.)

One thought on “My Mother Has Wings

  1. April Weems October 15, 2017 / 1:14 pm

    What do you think the world would be like if we all spoke through our inner child?

    Thanks for sharing


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