Exceptions and Standards

Once upon a time, (This is my life, so it’s clearly not going to be a fairy tale) I was very accustomed to bad things happening to me.  In fact, I was so accustomed to bad things happening to me, I considered good things the exception.  You see, when you accept bad things that are either done to you or done for you, those things become the standard.  The problem with my standard is that I either directly, or indirectly, set myself up to fail before I began any task.  In doing so, I had something or someone to blame.  The problem was always me.  Let me say that again.  The problem was always me.  The problem was that I accepted the standard of less than while running from the possibility of being greater.  That’s honest.  As I’ve begun to grow and mature, I am beginning to view my former exceptions as my current standards.  I expect to be successful.  I expect to be treated well.  I expect to be spoken to with dignity and respect.  I expect that others will treat me in the same manner that I treat them.  Because I am working hard as I possibly can at being the best version of myself, I expect the same from them.  I have always believed that if you argue with a fool, you will have two instead of one.  Therefore, when I find myself involved in foolish conversation, I expect to defer to a higher understanding.  These are my expectations.  These are my standards.  I firmly believe that sometimes, people treat you badly because you allow them to.  Once upon a time, I did.  Those days are no more.  If you can’t look into my eyes and speak with dignity, respect, empathy, or compassion, you will watch the back of my head as I walk away from foolish engagement.  I expect you to respect that.  As I said before, my former exceptions have become my current standards.  Remember, you deserve what you tolerate.  Only tolerate love, respect, compassion, understanding, and most of all change. Until next time, keep pushing and trying to be the best version of yourself.  Gee

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