Roots and Tips (For My Sisters)

Over 82% of minority children are being raised by single mothers. These women are tasked with taking on the role of both mother and father. These women are tasked with maintaining a safe and healthy household while also, in some instances, trying to find the dreams that they lost during the war of love. You see, for these women, motherhood was mandatory, while fatherhood was “optional.” These women are metaphorical, and for some, actual teachers, doctors, lawyers, laborers, dream architects, financiers, cheerleaders, warriors, and prayer carriers. These women are their sons’ first love and their daughters’ biggest hero. These women are beautiful. To me, the amazing thing about these women is how “unpretty” some of them feel. Wow. Let me explain something. Ladies, real men appreciate your curves. Every inch of you is beautiful. Your curves are like a highway to heaven. The color of your skin is awe inspiring like the rising and setting of the sun. Your eyes still shine with hope in a sometimes seemingly hopeless situation, and your lips are full like cumulus clouds. Even though you may not believe this, some men (myself included) really appreciate your natural roots, eye color, and tips. What is this thing we call “good hair?” For generations, it has seemed to plague the African American community. Even Beyonce said, “you’d better call Becky with the good hair.” Beyonce, in my opinion, is the shiznittlevansnipandsnap! Why would any man want to call anyone else? What does “good hair” mean? I hate to say this (I really don’t, but I’m trying to be politically correct), but if the roots of your hair say Nigeria, yet the tips scream Pakistan, to me, it’s like putting a Best Buy cd deck in a new Bentley. Why would anyone do that? The texture of your hair is beautiful. You see, after speaking with some of the brothers, we have decided that we would like to see your tips mirror your roots. You see, if you trace your roots, they go back to the very beginning of mankind in Mother Africa. Your roots helped see us through the bondage of slavery. Your roots made us feel like Kings when the world tried to convince us that we were perpetual boys. Your roots absorbed every secret tear that only you could see, for crying outside of the safety of you was frowned upon. Your roots made miracles in the kitchen. Your roots were, are, and will always be symbolic of strength, beauty, and grace. No shade, but Kim Kardashian doesn’t hold a candle to you. Her curves were purchased, and your curves were anointed. I want to let you know that we men love you just as you are. Now, there are some perpetual boys who will try to convince you that you should look like the girls in music videos. However, like the shallow nature of the songs accompanied with those videos, those women seem to be shallow, easily forgettable, and cold. In the words of Billy Joel, “don’t go changing to try and please me because I love you just the way you are.” It seems that the world is trying to convince you to be dissatisfied with yourself. Don’t believe the hype. You are beautiful. Now, I’m not saying that sisters of other races aren’t beautiful, because they are. However, I want to let the women who birthed me, loved me, believed in me, dreamt for me, prayed for me, held me, and made me know that I think you are a perfect reflection of the Grace and Power of the Creator. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Stand tall, natural, and proud! Take that weave out of your hair. No longer wear those blue contact lenses. Let your natural eyelashes shine. You have nothing to make up because you are always on time and present. You are beautiful Sister. I just thought that I would let you know. Gee

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