God. (To Our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt)

It is with a broken heart that I write this post.  Even in a broken state, hope still exists. My thoughts are simple today, yet they have never been more pure.  God is real.  Real is God.  God is Love.  Love is God.  God is Hope.  Hope is God.  God is Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is God. God is Patience.  Patience is God.  God is Truth.  Truth is God.  God is Stillness.  Stillness is God.  God is Power.  Power is God.  God is Change.  Change is God.  God is Earth, yet the Earth is a very small part of God.  We are the Children of God.  It doesn’t matter what we call him, what Prophet delivered his truths, what day of the week we choose to worship, or whether or not we even accept that he’s real, we are all God’s children.  With that being said, let’s begin to act like it.  A tragedy in Egypt is a travesty throughout the world.  Until we are all free, none of us are.  Choose Love.  Choose Hope.  Choose Forgiveness.  Choose Patience.  Choose Truth.  Choose Stillness.  Choose the Power of Love, not the love of Power.  Choose Now.  Choose Today.  Choose God.  Choose……. Gee

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