Reasons to STAY WOKE!

Reasons to STAY WOKE!

EVERYTHING that Donald Trump does.
Why are there so many wholesome family programs for Caucasians while programs for Minorities are either in the hood, returning to the hood, dreaming of the hood, living for the hood, or representing the hood with broken families, dreams, expectations, and means of achieving greatness?
Why are the schools that kids attend in every major metropolitan city in America doing so bad when EVERY politician says that they care about education?
Why would kids rather go to jail than college?
What the hell is mumble rap?
Why do so many of our young women have a preference for stripping rather than growing?
Why are there so many rich preachers and so many poor parishioners?
If government is supposed to work for all of us, then why are SO MANY of us doing so bad?
Why is most of our music dedicated to glamorizing death, destruction, drugs, poverty, and the overwhelming support of ignorance?
When did ratchet become glamorous?
Where are our Black leaders? (If you accept an endorsement that compromises our TRUTHS, you are officially a slave. Therefore, you have given up your position of leadership.)
What happened to love?
Why do so many grown men behave like little boys?
Why do we watch out for the police, yet we glamorize criminals and murders? (Black Lives Do Matter! Remember?)
Have you ever seen a prison ask for more money?
Why don’t schools have enough money?
When’s the last time you saw a politician in your neighborhood giving something rather than asking for your support?
Have we become so free that we’re actually slaves to freedom?
What happened to love?
Are we more concerned about our selfies than ourselves?
Is it better to be sexy or loved?
Where is the love?
What happened to our dignity and self respect?
What happened to us?
Why does Michael Jordan sleep well at night knowing that kids are dying over his shoes?
Where was the Time’s Up and Me Too movement when minority women were being raped and sold?
What happened to us?
Where’s the love?
Where’s the love?

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