Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

On behalf of the “Other America” that you clearly don’t see, I’d like to begin a conversation with you. First and foremost, we love America too. However, our love for America, like many love affairs, has had many ups and downs. We dreamt of brighter days while America constantly reminded us that life was dark. We marched together for freedom while many Americans were diametrically opposed to us having any resemblance of free. We died on battlefields throughout the world fighting for a Country that didn’t seem to fight for us. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the many beautiful trees, valleys, and fields of this Country have been fertilized by our blood, sweat, and tears. We are America too. This has very little to do with politics and more to do with simple humanity. You see, I have to believe that ALL Americans have more in common than we do in regards to differences. For example, Harriet Tubman would have never succeeded had it not been for so many people who risked their own lives leaving lanterns to help guide her way. Dr. King’s dream would have never been a reality had it not been for so many people who not only marched with him, but literally risked their lives and careers with him. This great Union would not be what it is today had it not been for the slaves who risked their newly found freedom to fight alongside those who looked like their oppressors, yet fought like their liberators for those who were still in bondage. The fabric of this great Country is intricately intertwined with the threads of many different types of people. Now, it seems like we are becoming undone thread by thread and seam by seam. My fear is that once we are put back together, we may never resemble what we once were. Today, we are divided. Personally, I feel like you are willing to sacrifice us in order to save you. That’s the thing that I no longer see Mr. Trump. True sacrifice. When is the last time you went into an urban environment for no other reason than to help? When is the last time you went into a rural environment without cameras for no other reason than to help? Right now, we don’t need witty statements or sarcastic tweets. Right now, we need help. Even though I personally didn’t vote for you, if you were a good, kind, and decent man, I would support you because I love this Country. However, it’s hard to support someone who appears to be focused more on division than unity. America, for many decades, has been trying to heal from our very dark past. Today, it seems that our past darkness is being brought to the light while our light is being forced into the darkness. When I was a kid, I took great pride in America. To me, America was like a Superman that was impervious to kryptonite. Simply put, nothing could harm America. Today, it seems like you are a kryptonite that America wasn’t prepared for. If you have ever truly loved this Country, either do all that you can to truly unite us, or resign and allow us to heal. For generations, Americans have had the privilege of living in the greatest Country in the world. Lately, it doesn’t feel like it. I never thought that I would see the day when I would have to ask my child to leave the room because the President was on television. That is now our reality. While there are those who find your “crudeness” funny or appealing, I personally find it unbecoming of a leader. When I was a child, I was told that leaders are those that lead by example. If this is your example of leadership, if this is your precedent, I firmly believe that you will take this Great Nation backwards in the name of progress. To all Americans that read this, I pray that you will look past your political affiliations and look into your pride and love of this Country. Without each and every one of us, America wouldn’t be great. We are an amalgamation of different languages, colors, cultures, religions, beliefs, and dreams. However, the one thing that we all are is American. Once upon a time, that really meant something good. I pray it does again. As I always say, this week, do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their day or lives better. Also, if you make it to where you’re going, don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. America was always Great because WE made it great. Together we can do anything. Divided, we will accomplish very little. Dream again America. Make America Whole Again.


One thought on “Dear Mr. Trump

  1. Carrie March 20, 2018 / 6:16 am

    Well said, I hope it reaches him.


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