Love is a rainbow.  It contains all of the colors of life.  Some are known.  Some are unknown.  The unknown colors are bearable because love makes us feel safe in the midst of our fears.  I believe that the greatest gift the Creator bestowed upon us was the gift of the Woman.  Without her, what’s the point?  She has heaven in between her thighs, hope in her eyes, and life, power, and inspiration in her lips.  Her hips cascade and wind like the wonders of nature.  How I adore her hips.  The very sight of her makes a bad day worth it.  I know that you’re stronger than me, but thank you for allowing me to feel as though I am.  Thank you for taking me back after the many times I left.  I was never really leaving you.  The truth of the matter is that I never quite found me.  In leaving, I realized that without you, I’m not the same version of me.  We makes me better.  You are my hell and serenity.  I know that you say that I am your man, but you love and protect me like I am your son.  You are my sun.  You are my light and warmth.  Sometimes, your rage is both crippling and frustrating.  However, like the rainbow, beauty often emerges after the storm.  We can settle that above the fitted and beneath the unfitted sheets.  Before you, I was an uncultivated animal.  Since you, I am a meticulous savage.  I feel God when we’re together.  Maybe that is why the Creator gave us almost two of everything.  It’s possible with one.  However, with two, we are limitless.  You are the other half of my soul.  It’s true.  They say that our hearts spend it’s entire existence searching for it’s own reflection in another.  Once your heart finds it’s reflection, don’t waste a second on second guessing.  Another love may never come.  Patrick

One thought on “Her.

  1. Annmarie Thompson July 31, 2018 / 10:16 pm

    Wow! Truths of authentic love. Beautiful!


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