The Ripple Effect of Goodness

Life is funny sometimes.  You can be kissed a thousand times out of love, and it’s hard to forget the one time that someone turned their back on you.  I’ve been trying to overcome the pain of having someone turn their back me all of my life.  I’ve been so busy trying to overcome that pain for so long, I’ve overlooked how far I’ve come.  Love is all around me, yet I either didn’t notice, or couldn’t accept it.  Today, my eyes were opened.  I’ve got it.  Here is the story.  I have a friend who was frustrated after a long day of work.  After her long day, she returned home, and her son seemed to be more demanding than her boss.  In a state of frustration, she reached out to her father because she was at her wit’s end.  She asked her father why he never complained about all of the times that he’d come home from work obviously tired, yet he always had time for her.  She braced herself for an extensive response about responsibilities and family.  She was prepared to hear, “that’s just what you have to do.”  What she wasn’t prepared to hear were these simple, yet beautiful words; “because I love you.” “Because I love you.”  Wow….Her father loves her in totality.  He loves her in a space and place that allowed her to become all of the people that we all try to be before we settle on the version of ourselves that is most comfortable and fulfilling.  He loves her in a place that only she truly knows because only she truly knows the nuances of her thoughts and emotions.  “Because I love you.”  One kind act can change mankind.  One good word can change a life.  A hug can save a dying heart.  We always hear about the ripple effect of wickedness.  We rarely hear the about the ripple effect of goodness. The ripple effect of goodness is all around you.  It is the neighbor that you speak to before you arrive home.  It is the comforting silence that you share with those you love.  It is the laughter that you share with your friends.  It is the phone call that you take, yet you never speak because the person speaking to you needs to be heard more than they need to listen.  It is the pet that makes you feel loved when everyone and everything around you makes you feel otherwise.  It is going without in order for someone else to go with.  It is giving your last because someone else may need it more because they are too far past last.  It is allowing someone in because their absence would be far more painful than their presence.  It is defending someone when no one else will.  It is everywhere. The ripple effect of goodness is everywhere.  We are so busy trying to get to where we are going, it’s easy to forget why we’re going.  We are going because we are all desperately trying to make this charade called life worth living.  Don’t you want to know how far the ripple effect of your goodness can go?  I know I do.  The smallest of actions can have the greatest of impacts if we trust and try again.  The greatest gift that anyone can be given is “because I love you.”  After that, all is well and in it’s proper perspective.  Patrick

2 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of Goodness

  1. Annmarie Thompson August 1, 2018 / 4:26 am

    Your words are always thought provoking and inspiring.

    Thank you,


    • Hueman Movement August 1, 2018 / 10:24 am

      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me. I am both humbled and inspired.


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