The Answer.

The world needs love right now. Recently, a friend of mine was murdered by the police. Honestly, I have no words. I can’t even write. Even though I didn’t see him every day, I miss him. I miss him for his family. I miss him for his friends. The world is a bit darker because one of it’s brightest beams has been extinguished. The officer went home. My friend went to the morgue. He played by the rules. He went to school. He loved his family. He was a professional. He achieved some of the dreams that he had when he was a child. He was a good man who NEVER committed a single crime. Yet, a cowardly cop found him guilty at the scene and sentenced him to death. His crime; being a black man in the face of an uninformed and cowardly cop. Liberty and justice for all???? What a fucking joke….Patrick

This week, make it your business to help someone for no reason at all other than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget the map for the rest of us.

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