Happy New Year

It’s January 1, 2019.  I made it through 2018.  I made it.  I don’t have any resolutions this year.  This year, I have impenetrable resolve.  This year, I am going to work on being happy.  That is my single goal.  I will be happy this year.  I am going to let go of the things that have hurt me, hold on to those things that have helped heal me, and seek the me that I have always wanted to be.  As you already know, the holiday season is very difficult for me.  However, moving forward, my holidays will be as happy and joyous as I can possibly make them.  I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t had much to say.  Hopefully, in 2019, I will have a great deal to say.  Until then, Happy New Year. I wish you peace, happiness, acceptance, growth, and joy.

As always, this week, please do something to help someone other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make their lives better.  If you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.  Patrick

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