Where Are the Adults in the Room? (The Government Shutdown)

Last time I checked, we are supposed to have a representative democracy in this Country.  Simply put, this means that the people elect representatives to act on their behalf.  Let me say this clearly; THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IS NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT OR NEED!  Are you kidding me?  Who wants to go to work for no pay?  Who wants to work for a government that seemingly isn’t working for them?  Who wants to go to food pantries and seek assistance when they have a full-time job?  Who wants their Country to NOT function at full capacity?  No one!  When Donald Trump states that the government workers support what he’s doing with the shutdown, like many other instances, HE IS LYING!  You’re damn right, I’m angry.  This isn’t right!  For decades, our Country has not only survived, but THRIVED without a wall.  Based on the current state of our Country, it seems that the wall is only affecting the citizens of America.  Illegal immigration is not our problem right now.  Right now, a lack of concern for the people who serve this Country on a daily basis is our problem.  I’m bipartisan, not bi-crazy!  With that being said, I don’t believe that most of the citizens of America want this.  If one person that works for the government experiences eviction, foreclosure, repossession, financially induced stress, or overall anxiety, it is one person too many!  This is a very real situation with very real consequences for the good men and women that work for our government on a daily basis.  To require them to come to work for free sounds eerily similar to the conditions that my ancestors worked under; slavery.  As an employee of the private sector, if I was asked to work for free, it would be a violation of labor laws.  Why is that not applicable to the government workers?  Because they work for the government, do the laws of the land that protect the people not apply to them?  Mr. Trump, Mrs. Pelosi, and all members of the House and the Senate, while I realize that you are currently at odds with one another, this elementary school beef that you seem to have with one another is affecting hundreds of thousands of people that don’t deserve what you are doing!  Stop it!  The truth of the matter is most of you are not at risk of not being able to take care of the basic necessities of life such as rent/mortgage, child care, insurance, FOOD, GAS, WATER, ELECTRICITY, etc.  Mr. Trump sleeps in the White House, and I’m sure that Mrs. Pelosi sleeps in a residence with more than one bedroom.  At this point, I’m five hundred miles past political bullshit.  With that being said, either open the government or resign and allow someone who can and will, do.  This is no laughing matter, and none of you appear to be heroes.  To all of the government workers, please know that the Nation is praying and hoping that you will all land on your feet.  On behalf of our Government, I apologize.  I’m so sorry that the government that you have spent much of your life serving and protecting is not serving and protecting you.  While you may not hear this everyday, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS GREAT NATION!  Patrick

This week, if you have a government worker either in your family or in your community, please let them know that you support them.  Furthermore, if there is something that you can do to help them get through this dilemma, please help them.  Remember, we are supposed to be the UNITED States of America.  As long as we are united, NOTHING can harm us.  Stay Encouraged Government Workers!

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