Another Again.

Sometimes, the most beautiful gifts come wrapped in the darkest packages.  Let’s face it; beginning again when you never conceived of an ending is tough.  However, I firmly believe that we are always being pushed either directly or indirectly to the place where we are ultimately meant to be.  The journey isn’t always easy, but the rigor of the journey is necessary for our understanding, appreciation, and respect.  I have had people come.  I have had people go.  However, for me, I have always had to continue on despite my pain, disbelief, or fears.  I can honestly say that I am where I am because of the closing of some doors and the opening of others.  I’m learning.  On this journey that I’m on aptly called my life, I have learned that love is a rare jewel, and it must be nurtured and protected.  Recently, I was speaking to some of my friends, and they spoke about their spouses and significant others not moving in the same direction.  For some, the inability or lack of desire to move in the same direction ultimately led to break-ups and divorce.  I truly think that’s very sad.  Hard times never last for long, and I promise you; as you age, the complex simplicity of life will take center stage and ground you whether you’re ready for it or not.  Through a friend of a friend, I learned of a couple that is currently experiencing marital problems.  In fact, the problems have been coming in such rapid succession that the word “divorce” is slowly being presented as an option.  Bad move.  If you are able to have faith, trust love, and endure, I firmly believe that you will be a success story in the often written, yet rarely read, book of love.  If possible, please try to think back to a time when your spouse, partner, or friend gave you goosebumps.  Try to remember the times when the sound of their voice was like music for your soul.  Try to remember the times when their touch was the very ointment that your heart and body needed to continue on.  Try to remember the times when the only thing that mattered was being together.  Remember.  If you have any love left in your relationship, like unbaked bread, a little attention, heat, and nurturing is all that it needs to rise again.  It’s easy to throw in the towel and blame your former lover, now adversary, for the demise of the relationship.  However, I believe that it is a testament to strength, hope, trust, and faith to be the first one to say, “I’m sorry.  I miss us like crazy.  My days are long because you are consuming my thoughts, and I need you.  I know I should say that I want you, but I need you.  My soul needs you to work at full capacity, and my body needs you to quench itself from a thirst that only you can quench.  I need you.”  While I realize that is a bold set of statements, I believe that true love should be pride free.  In the end, if you can fix it, fix it.  If it’s so broken that it will no longer work or is unrecognizable, let it go and learn.  Love is a rare jewel, and it must be nurtured.  Forgive rather than fight.  Fix what is broken.  Mend what is torn.  Remember, the most accurate measure of true love is not how many good times that you have, but rather how you made it through some of the most difficult challenges in your life.  Sometimes, when you love someone and it seems that nothing is going right, what you actually need is another again…… Until next time. Patrick

As always, this week do something for someone else for no other reason than to make their lives and this world a better place.  Also, if you make it to where you’re going please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.

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