Store Closing. Everything Must Go.

Let’s talk.  Would you believe that for most of my life, I have been trying to find the real me in someone else?  There, I said it.  That is the brutal truth.  I never quite felt complete unless someone else was associated with my completion.  Many times, I knew from the very beginning that we would soon come to an end.  However, the warmth of togetherness seemed to be stronger than the bitterness of truth.  Needless to say, truth always won.  Today, something is very different.  Today, I find that I am emotionally incapable of compartmentalizing my emotional self in order to make someone else feel better.  You see, I never truly understood what love was.  Although warm, love isn’t about heat.  Although sweet, love does sometimes hurt.  Although tender, love is sometimes rough.  You see, the essence of true love is understanding.  Love is nothing more than the highest level of understanding that one human being can have for another.  There is no love without understanding.  I now realize that the rose colored glasses are nothing more than one’s willingness to read, analyze, and ponder.  Once the glasses are removed, and after the real truth is exposed, if your understanding is married to acceptance, love is born.  Honestly, I am so keenly aware of what love is now, I can’t stomach anyone or anything that reminds me of my former self.  Like an empty peanut shell, my former self was hollow.  I couldn’t really pour into anyone else because my well was barren.  In order for me to fill my well, I had to risk the chance of drowning.  Boldly, I risked death in order to find life.  Slowly, steadily, and assuredly, life is coming.  The light in my heart is on, and the fireplace that once contained my ashed dreams now burns brightly.  Life is coming.  Unlike the store of my past experiences, today, there is no refund policy.  Today, once the decision is made, I only accept exchanges.  Keep your receipt.  I believe you.  I know you’re here.  This thing that’s coming is the very thing that I have waited for my entire life.  It’s all over me.  I know you feel it too.  I had to close my old store.  Although I kept the name, I remodeled the building and changed the merchandise.  Soon, I’ll be open.  Only you have the scissors to cut my new ribbons.  I am so excited.  I’m ready.  Patrick

As always, this week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make the life of someone else better.  Oh yeah, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.

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