Leaving v. Running

In my opinion, there is a huge difference between leaving and running.  To me, running means just that; you’re running to escape something that makes you either uncomfortable or unhappy.  However, leaving means that you are in pursuit of something that is going to make you comfortable, happy, or both.  In the past, I must admit, I found myself running from quite a few things.  I ran from pain.  I ran from disappointment.  I ran from joy.  I ran from my fears.  I wish someone would have told me that when you’re running from one form of hell, with one hundred percent certainty, until you make some changes to your decision making, you will discover a different form of the same hell.  I was the problem. I ran.  In the midst of running, there were quite a few things that I missed along the way.  I missed opportunities.  I missed people.  I missed places.  Not too long ago, I stopped running and took the opportunity to breathe.  You see, in recognizing that I was the problem, I also recognized the need for allowing myself to move past my mistakes.  With that being said, it was finally time to leave rather than run.  I left a place that I called house (home has a much deeper meaning)  for quite some time because my season there had come to an end.  I did all that I could do, and I believe that the Universe would have ceased to bend in my favor if I stayed past my time.  I gave all that I had to give, and I can honestly say that I am quite proud of some of the things that I was able to accomplish.  Selfishly and with no regrets, this part of my journey will be dedicated towards one thing; my own intrinsic sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.  I need to discover what those things are because I have never truly known them.  Sure, I have discovered that I’m good at some things.  However, being good at some things doesn’t always mean that those things are your purpose.  I need to know my purpose.  I know that I have one.  In my past, I have often times confused my purpose with my profession.  My profession has brought me monetary gain and tangible growth.  However, I believe that my purpose will bring me understanding and joy.  I don’t believe that understanding and joy can be touched with the hands, for they must be felt in the heart.  I’m sincerely seeking and trying.  This time, I didn’t run.  This time, I left.  If you aren’t happy, choose happy.  Don’t live your life as a slave that dwells within a gilded cage because others often compliment you on how well it fits.  Don’t love out of obligation.  Love because your heart doesn’t give you a choice.  Instead of being politically correct, why not try being real?  No real growth or change can take place in the midst of lies.  You see, if you are the biggest liar in a play called your actual life, you will continue to exist as though you never did.  Free yourself and leave in order to find the you that has been waiting to be discovered.  It’s okay to be you.  As I have written before, you are more than enough.  Patrick

This week, as always, please do something for someone else other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make their lives better.  Also, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.  Always Choose Love.

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