The Phone Booth.

When I was a child, I had so many dreams.  I wanted to be an attorney.  I wanted to help my community.  I wanted to end hunger and homelessness. I wanted to be in love with a woman that loved me back.  I wanted nicer things than I had.  I had dreams.  As I grew older, I was told that attorneys don’t make “that” much money.  I was told that my people had to help themselves before they understood the impact of help.  I was told that some people chose to be hungry and homeless.  I was told that women can’t be trusted because most of them are on the take.  I was told that in order to have nice things, I had to make certain sacrifices.  Needless to say, I sacrificed.  I sacrificed my joy, peace of mind, and dreams.  Rather than listen to my heart, I allowed my ears to poison my mind.  My mind listened.  My ears couldn’t have been more wrong. Today, I exist.  Yesterday, I dreamed of living.  There is a younger version of you that lives inside of you. When tomorrow comes, instead of trying to figure out a new side of the box to fit in, liberate the younger version of yourself that lives inside of you and break free from the box.  Truth is, you had it right from the beginning.  The fact of the matter is that we learned how to live wrong.  Sadly, we forgot how to plan to live right.  Find right, and don’t go left.  There is something that’s burning so brightly and deeply within me that it’s sometimes hard to sleep.  If you’ve read my previous blogs, you already know that I’m terrified of the inability to sleep. As it turns out, I’m reconnecting with the dreamer that still lives inside of me.  Let’s see what he’s actually capable of.  You already know that I’ll keep you posted. God did not save me from drowning only to watch me die on the beach….I am Clark Kent.  Let’s see what emerges from the phone booth.  Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better.  As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.  Always Choose Love.

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