To My Twin Flame. Are You Listening?

When each of us are born, our reflection is given permission to exist as well.  Each of us has a reflection that will satisfy the cravings of our flesh, the needs of our minds, the uneasiness of our hearts, and the insecurities that keep us grounded as humans.  They were meant for us, and we, too, we meant for them.  There is a beautiful push and pull that gives us both pause and meaning.  I recently learned about the importance of the twin flame, and upon my initial understanding, I heard and learned all that I needed to learn and hear.  Therefore, I will honestly say that I chose not to dig deeper.  I chose not to dig deeper because I could feel the spirit of Love over my shoulder whispering a very powerful question; “now that you know, what are you going to do with this knowledge?”  Your twin flame, unbeknownst to most of us, is the very reason why we can be in a room full of “perfect” people and feel both alone and out of place.  Your twin flame seeks it’s reflection when your mind is desperately trying to convince you to stop.  Unfortunately, when your twin flame isn’t met, our bodies sometimes seek the nurturing of others in order to deal with the overwhelming emptiness and sadness it feels due to the soul’s decisive cry for it’s twin flame.  Your twin flame exists, and your twin flame is the very reason why you continue on despite everything else in your love life that tells you that you shouldn’t.  Your twin flame.  Here’s the only problem with having a twin flame; what if God calls them home before your heart, mind, and soul can bear it?  What happens then?  Chris Romero died on a Saturday morning.  While the rest of us praised the fact that the day was beautiful, the rays of the morning sun marred the twin flame that his body left behind.  His life abandoned his body as beautifully as he lived; without burden or suffering.  Each of those that he touched somehow seemed different in knowing that they will never be blessed enough to see him smile again.  They mourn the absence of love rather than the absence of life.  Despite all that he had given both to the world as well as his family, I am writing a personal letter to his twin flame.  Sweetheart, be sad, but don’t be discouraged tonight.  I know this is extremely hard, but it is during these dark moments that you must count your blessings.  Chris lives.  In fact, he lives on a higher plateau that is void of love, pain, longing, and emptiness.  He is now the representative that you may need to explain the human in you.  I think that he loved you so much that God knew that he had to go on this journey first in order to light the way for you.  While his body is no longer here, he left you a house full of memories, laughter, love, and family.  You are now blessed enough to know what true love feels like.  God loved you so much that he allowed the Universe to introduce you to your Twin Soul while you were young, adventurous, and brave enough to give in to the power of true love.  You are the legacy of Chris, and Chris is the teller of your beautiful love story.  Chris was more than a man; he was also a seed.  Like all seeds, once he is placed in the ground, you are going to be amazed at all of the beautiful flowers that extend from his existence. I know that you miss him.  I know that you want to talk to him.  I know that a part of you still believes that he’s going to walk through the front door.  I know.  It won’t always be this way.  When your heart is finished mourning, it will rebuild.  While he misses you too, he is also with you.  He now talks to the most sacred part of you; your heart.  He walks through the door every day because like a twin flame always does, he wants to make sure that you’re okay too.  Nothing real can ever be broken, and true love never dies.  Nothing real can ever be broken, and true love never dies.  Nothing real can ever be broken, and true love never dies.  Chris Romero Lives……Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make their lives better.  As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.  Always Choose Love…..

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