“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands.  One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  As an African American man living in the United States of America, I have never heard a line of bullshit greater than that.  Indivisible??  Liberty and justice for all??  Listen..  I have children that live in this Country.  Like most parents, I want my children to live pain free, stress free, and free from harm.  However, at times, I find that I’m too afraid to tell them of the real horrors that exist beyond the corridors of my home.  I’m afraid to tell my son that all police officers aren’t committed to protect and serve.  I’m afraid to tell him that a simple traffic stop could inevitably be the end of him.  I’m afraid to tell him that it doesn’t matter how many times you call him sir because at the end of the day, if he thinks you’re a nigger, nigger is just another word for guilty.  When they view you as a nigger, probable cause, burden of proof, and reasonable doubt don’t exist.  When they view you as a nigger, inadvertently, it’s okay to dehumanize and mistreat you because once upon a time, depending on your performance, you were worth no more than the most valuable animal on the plantation. Nigger… I am upset.  I am frustrated.  Most of all, I am fucking tired.  Now, Malcolm X once said that people use profane language when they don’t have the intelligent words to say what’s on their minds.  To Brother Malcolm, I’ll say this; be glad that I choose to curse rather than act.  Be glad that I am a Believer in the power of love rather than the seemingly insatiable thirst for justice by any means.  Be thankful that I still believe that despite the actions of so many, I refuse to charge everyone.  Be thankful.  My use of profane language is both intentional and satisfying.  I’m angry.  White America has no idea what it feels like to watch their children assassinated by the same bastards that have the privilege of being called a hero.  Last time I checked, Superman didn’t choose which neighborhoods he wanted to save because he wanted to save all of them.  Last time I checked, heroes are able to leave their personal views at home because their commitment to the mission is greater than their own ideas.  Last time I checked, we were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  Supposedly..  Actually, we’re guilty until proven innocent, and I am pissed.  How is it that armed White men can storm the Capital of many states demanding that their 2nd Amendment rights are preserved while African American boys can be slaughtered over hoodies and Skittles?  How is it that a White man can go into a church and slaughter innocent worshippers, and afterwards, be treated with fast food, and an African American boy with autism can be slaughtered for playing with a toy gun?  How is it that an incompetent, lying, sexually malevolent, non-reading, divisive, and overall racist bastard can enjoy the splendor of the Oval Office while an African American man who decided to take a knee in order to take a stand had to be professionally ostracized?  I’m angry.  It is not my job to teach a few racist White Americans where they went wrong.  It is not my job to forgive them before they seek forgiveness.  It is not my job to ask for leniency on their behalf when they are clearly seeking death for me.  I’m angry.  I am the descendent of slaves.  I speak because my ancestors couldn’t.  I stand because they could have been killed for doing so.  I fight because I believe that God hates cowards.  I love because love is the cure.  I am angry because I see myself in each African American that is slaughtered at the hands of the police.  You were supposed to protect us….  When protection becomes intentional violence, it is my moral imperative to rebel.  Until this broken system is fixed, I must rebel.  The initial “settlers” of this Country weren’t satisfied with the Magna Carta, so they rebelled.  Our Country couldn’t accept what was happening prior to World War I, II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and several other military operations, so they rebelled.  Therefore, we must rebel.  When I speak of rebellion, I am not speaking of looting or shooting.  When I speak of rebellion, I am speaking of organizing, teaching, financing, and the total commitment to liberty and justice for all.  No family should have to go to sleep knowing that one of their own is no longer with them because an officer of the law was either misinformed or afraid.  No one.  Until each and every minority that lives in this Country feels free, none of us are.  This isn’t a call for anarchy.  This is a call for justice.  This isn’t a call for violence.  This is a call for change.  If you aren’t willing to fight for equal treatment and justice for all Americans, are you really American??????  Liberty and justice for all.  Yes we can.  We are able.  Si se puede…..Patrick

Enough.  Enough. Enough……..

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