You’re magic to me.  Your caramel skin kisses the light as though the light wasn’t expecting it’s beauty.  Your skin is the touch of something far greater than these calloused hands deserve to grace.  Your smile is secret.  I’ll never know all of your secrets.  How I hope that I’m not one of them.  You have straightened my spine and perspective simultaneously.  You are magic to me.  Why do you walk like that?  I’ve never wanted anyone to walk all over me, but I’ll try it with you.  How your walk mesmerizes me.  Those can’t be normal clothes that you’re wearing.  Each piece of the fabric dances a beautiful ballet across your flesh.  As the threads pirouette across your skin, my eyes dance.  They don’t want to leave you even though my mind demands that they should.  That caramel skin..  Why do you smile at me like that?  Those teeth of yours.  So bright… I’m not sure who your dentist is, but damn..  I’ve never seen teeth like that.  When the fullness of your lips reveals your teeth, I’ve never been more thankful that this action was directed towards me.  Your eyes.  Those eyes of yours sing to me.  My heart listens while hoping they aren’t lying.  Those eyes of yours..  They have the potential of becoming the thieves of my guarded heart.  Those eyes.  Your lashes hang like weeping willow trees.  So sad, yet so powerfully beautiful.  Then there’s your hair.  That hair of yours is like a mane that not only solidifies, but proclaims that this is the Queen.  I’m glad that I can serve you.  I will serve you.  You know, you are three quarters of my dream.  The other quarter only exists to provide me with the means to please you.  You are the reason.  That caramel skin of yours is my rainbow.  I have both cried and stormed.  Despite both of those wars, you are my rainbow.  I will sit beneath your feet with my hands raised in praise towards the sky, for you are my blessing, and I praise the gift of you.  Whisper to me.  Make me rise for war.  You will sing the tune of love as it is written in the key of we.  That caramel skin of yours.  That caramel skin of yours…..I can’t resist that caramel skin.  Truth is, I don’t even want to.  I give in…Patrick

This is a poem inspired by what should be.  Love despite everything within you that says you shouldn’t.  Take a risk if the heart tells you that the stakes are high….As always, this week, please do something for someone else other than yourself for no other reason that to make their lives better.  If you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us.  Always Choose Love.

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