Election 2020.

As an African American Man, I am comfortable saying that I have never fully trusted my government. However, throughout the course of my lifetime, I have never been afraid of my government. For the first time, I’m afraid. I’m not quite sure if I’m even considered in the decisions that are being made by the government. I’m not quite sure if people that look, live, experience, and understand like me are important anymore. Maybe I’m not one of the “American people” they speak of. My people gained the right to vote in 1965, and in the year 2020, I’m not even sure if my vote is going to be counted. In the midst of a pandemic, there is a pandemic called deceit. The leader of my government is playing at the highest level. The Supreme Court may be the deciding factor between my freedom and condemnation. The conservatives are in the majority. Conservatively speaking, my freedoms have always been radical because the conservatives viewed my labor as more valuable than they did my life. I’m afraid. Making America great again means making my life hard again. I always thought America, if not great, was at least better than I could ever have wanted. Then, there was November of 2016…From the moment it was announced, until the last second that moved on the clock, it has been hell. I’m exhausted and out of sorts. The news that once made me feel informed now gives me anxiety. Men and women that I once viewed as countrymen now view me as an adversary. Red hats are the new white sheets. However, today, they’re not burning crosses. Today, they are burning legislation into the fabric of tomorrow. Divided we stand, and united we are falling. I’m required to wear a mask. Because everyone else is, perhaps we’re all finally comfortable with being ourselves. Like our pockets, the shelves are becoming empty. The entertainers speak while the speakers entertain. The safest and emptiest place in my life is home. Distrust is the only form of trust. As an African American Man, I have never fully trusted my government. However, today, it’s safe to say that I am afraid of my government. My fear is that the worst is yet to come. If Donald Trump wins a second term, may God save the United States of America. May God save us all….Patrick

As always, this week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make their lives better. If you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love because Love Changes Everything. Please vote until they say it no longer matters. Sad truths for a sad reality….

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