Growth and Progress.

Donald Trump was impeached today. You see, although his impeachment was gratifying, I wish to let it be known that it didn’t make me happy. You see, Donald Trump represents what most African Americans have always known; there are actually two versions of America. What we witnessed on the 6th of January was their America. What we experienced, and felt, when we saw the cop kneeling on the neck of George Floyd was our America. We witnessed an unjust death, therefore, we protested. They were told an extraordinary lie, therefore, they protested. You see, this was never about Democracy. This is about a carefully orchestrated and articulated social experiment that seems to leave us all with questions. You must understand, there is a distinct difference between growth and progress. Growth is internal. It manifests emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and metaphysically. Progress is tangible. It manifests financially, professionally, politically, socially, and, to a very real degree, academically. There is a distinct difference between growth and progress. Although history rarely tells the entire story, the truth has managed to spill from time to time. My ancestors were never intended to be hueman, much less American. President Lincoln pushed to end the “peculiar institution” of slavery in order to preserve the Union, not protect our people. The 13th Amendment was progress. However, as a Nation, we haven’t experienced much growth. How do I know? If we had grown, White Supremacists wouldn’t proudly wear the insignia of a defeated war. If we had grown, Donald Trump would have never been elected in the first place. If we had grown, Black Lives Would Actually Matter. If we had grown, you could love the hueman of your choice without social, political, professional, or communal judgment. If we had grown, Women would be paid the same salaries as Men. If we had grown…. No, we made progress. I lived to see the first African American President. I also lived to see the worst president in the history of our Country. I lived to see the election of the first Female Vice-President of African American descent. I also lived to see Trayvon Martin gunned down like a rabid animal while the man who killed him autographs bags of Skittles for his fans. I lived to see African American head coaches in the National Football League. I also lived to see players banished for silently taking a knee as a means of taking a stand. Progress. Our Country has experienced progress because it is seemingly unwilling to take the necessary step to experience growth; discomfort. The first African American anything doesn’t mean anything if you’re not mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and metaphysically prepared for the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. As controversial as this may seem, at times, I believe that the election of Barack Obama was the sole reason for the election of Donald Trump. They were clearly polar opposites of one another. How dare an African American man be articulate, intelligent, capable, willing, competent, compassionate, handsome, faithful to his family, understanding, and overall cool at the same time. How dare he! Barack Obama represented what they already knew, yet was afraid to acknowledge; we defy the lies that they told to themselves about us. We DO have the blood of Kings and Queens in our veins. God DOES love us too. We ARE capable of more than is expected of us. Donald Trump represents the comfortable lie. Barack Obama and Kamala Harris represent the discomfort of the truth. As I did years ago, in order to ease into the skin that my soul now dwells, I accepted discomfort. In fact, we should expect discomfort. Discomfort is the flour in a beautiful cake known as growth. I pray that our Country sat in the discomfort of January 6, 2021 long enough to recognize that we haven’t grown. The confederate flag has no place in the house of Congress. T-shirts with the name of concentration camps on them have no place in the house of Congress. Direct violence has no place in the house of Congress. The only huemans that should have the privilege of being there are those who understand that, at this time, growth is more valuable than progress. As a Man, I have grown. As an older boy, I experienced progress. Today, I don’t understand the boy I was then any more than he would understand the man I am now. America, it’s time to grow. If this thing that we call Democracy has any chance of continuing to work, we must accept and understand that this Country MUST have enough room for all of us. Until we do that, we will continue to experience small bursts of progress as we wait for the bottom to fall….Patrick

As always, this week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make their lives better. Also, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything. Happy New Year (I guess….)

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