A Love Letter To My People.

To My People,

First of all let me begin by saying that I sincerely love you. I have never wanted to be other than what I am, and that is a proud Black Man. I understand the pain behind your smiles, and I can feel the passion behind everything that you do. I know that we are direct descendants of God because just about everything that we do is magical. When we are determined to do something, our dreams manifest. We are magical. I’m writing to you today because I think that we need to talk. I think that we need to talk rather than argue. Furthermore, I think we need to watch and listen as well. We have survived the worst atrocity ever committed against mankind, and that is generational human bondage, death, and social, economic, political, and to some degree, psychological genocide. We have survived. Survival. I believe that we have been in survival mode for so long that we haven’t yet grasped that it’s okay to live, love, laugh, believe, share, encourage, support, and thrive as one people. I’m not naive, I realize that this isn’t Oz, and nothing and no one is perfect. However, we must learn to work for the benefit of all of us rather than only us or some of us. As a man, I am still unlearning many of the things that I learned in order to survive. I’m unlearning silence. I’m unlearning compliance. I’m unlearning low self-esteem. I’m unlearning my desire to love those that don’t love me in return. I’m unlearning my desire to engage fake friends in real places in order to create fake images based on the perception of real experiences. I’m desperately trying to unlearn the safety that I feel when I’m alone because it’s directly interfering with my ability to let anyone in. Lately, when I see Us, while I’m sometimes happy, I’m also sad too. I’m not quite sure when and how we lost our way, but we have. It seems easy to fall in love, but staying in love seems impossible. The communities that once brought us not only memories, but also joy have seemingly become breeding grounds for crime, and worst of all, apathy. Hate isn’t the opposite of Love. Apathy is. Apathy is the feeling of nothing. That feeling terrifies me. I get it. We were sold a false narrative about ourselves in order to prevent us from recognizing our very real potential. Awaken. Awaken and recognize the greatness that lives inside of you. I get it, you’re hurting. So am I. Rather than assume that we can’t relate to the general pain that all of us feel, let’s try and build a bridge in order for all of us to get past this pain. As a people, we have been told so many lies about ourselves that the truth sometimes seems either implausible or impossible. Let me be clear, withholding the true is sometimes worst than being lied to because eventually, all lies come to the light. However, you can’t seek to find the antithesis of that which you have never known. Our children need us. Our children need us to lead them, and somehow, we need to find our way again. Nothing real can ever be broken, and true love never dies. Nothing of real value can ever be purchased, and although it doesn’t cost a thing, Love is the most valuable gift that we can ever be blessed with. Let’s restore our Women back to the place of admiration, protection, and support that she deserves. Free her from the burdens of carrying our crosses. If we can do that, I believe that she will help us carry out the dreams that seem so fragile, we’re sometimes afraid to whisper them in the dark. Let’s restore our Brothers back to a place of respect, pride, strength, determination, and a sense of unwavering. Black Men, we must live with our feet firmly planted and our chins raised to the sky. Shiny things don’t make us shine any brighter, for we are blessed with a light that shines inside of all of us and that is undeniable. Nothing that can be purchased or sold is worth dying for. Let me say that again. Nothing that can be purchased or sold is worth dying for. There is nothing glamorous about the destruction of our communities. There is nothing alluring about the degradation of our Women. There is no power in Us fighting Us. Rather than destroy, it is time to build. Let’s desire to be boyfriends, fiancee’s, husbands, and fathers more than we desire to be players, pimps, gangsters, and hustlers. Let’s teach our daughters that what she has between her ears is much more valuable than what she has between her thighs. Let’s teach our sons that fighting your own kind doesn’t make them strong, and when you’re hurting, it’s okay to cry. Let’s end the feuding in our families. When the family feuds, no one wins. Let’s demand that the narrative that is given to the world about our people is consistent with the dreams, hopes, and goals that WE have for OUR people. Hollywood is looking for box office numbers, and WE are still looking for true Freedom, Respect, and Equality. It is time for us to be all that we were born to be and more. Let’s begin today. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely love you. Patrick

As always, this week, please do something for someone else other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better. Also, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything.

2 thoughts on “A Love Letter To My People.

  1. Eric Alan July 9, 2021 / 12:23 am

    Very well done! Mr. Reid

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