I am a living, breathing, walking, talking, eating, drinking, and thinking contradiction. Yes, I desire a Love that’s as sweet, gentle, innocent, and pure as a child that enters the world for the first time and breathes. It is also true that I desire to feed on the Love of my Lover like a wolf feeds on it’s prey. Joyously, Passionately, Savagely, and Feverishly. I am a contradiction. I am two opposing forces that face one another daily. I am both good and bad. I am both truth and lies. I am both joy and pain. I am both bliss and rage. I am the contradiction. I Love America. However, Gabby Petito’s life does not have permission to take precedence over the thousands of lives that exist beneath the sea because they were either too sickly or belligerent to accept slavery. Until we know their names, we shouldn’t praise hers. No. I appreciate American history. However, American history does not have permission to address my existence as a footnote when America, we, and I know that we are the feet that moved the notes into the books of history. No. I am always filled with a sense of pride when people that look like me are blessed to enter doors that I have never entered. However, Clarence Thomas’ skin tone does not give him permission to punish people that share his skin tone because they have his skin tone. Pardon my frank words, but fuck Clarence Thomas. How sad must it be to know that you have a penis, yet you live as an ass. Asses don’t beget wholes, they beget pieces. With that being said, Clarence Thomas is a piece of shit. Isn’t it ironic that he considered Anita Hill’s words a modern day lynching, yet he also considers the abolition of abortion not only legal, but ethical. Contradiction. Black Lives Matter. Yes, Black Lives Matter. However, if you are screaming Black Lives Matter when police are killing us, yet you are silent when WE kill us, in the words of Big Sean, I don’t fuck with you. Contradiction. I truly believe in justice. However, poor people and rich people should experience the same treatment when committing the same crimes. Stealing a five dollar loaf of bread should be just as egregious as stealing five million dollars from a company. Society calls stealing five million dollars white collar crimes worthy of white collar prisons that beget white collar treatment. Stealing a five dollar loaf of bread is worthy of black collar prisons that beget black holla treatment. It doesn’t matter how long or loud you scream, no one hears you. Keep screaming. Education is vitally important. However, if the value of education is either directly, or indirectly, based in the oppression of one race while celebrating the chronological flaws of another, fuck education. Carter G. Woodson said it best; “there is a distinct difference between having an education and being educated.” Perhaps, this is why standardized tests are so important. Perhaps, the government needs to know that we all need to understand the same things in order for them to find different ways to keep us all similar. Contradiction. I am a Man. I want Love. I am Afraid sometimes. I’m always Brave. I am a Contradiction. Patrick.

This week, please so something for someone other than yourself for no reason at all other than to make their Lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything. Embrace your contradiction. At least you’re you….

One thought on “Contradiction.

  1. peaceofangellynn October 12, 2021 / 2:32 am

    You better say what need to be said like it needs to be said!


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