Buffalo… Another city, same situation and outcome; horror, ambiguity, shame, and privilege. Ten lives were stolen while they were shopping for the things they both needed and wanted. Why? White privilege. Why white privilege? It seems that only white men have the right to take lives because they deem them either worthless or harmful. You remember the shooting in South Carolina. It seemed that murdering those innocent people caused the shooter to work up an appetite. Therefore, after he was caught, the police took him to Burger King for food. So, yes, I say white privilege. After the massacre was done, of course this young fool had the “right” to surrender to the police. Clearly, they weren’t afraid of him. Why? White privilege. Why do I say white privilege? It seems that only white men have the right to take lives they deem either worthless or harmful. The media says the courts are trying to determine whether or not this was a hate crime. Please, make that make sense. It clearly wasn’t a love crime. As I have written before, out of anger, I must write again. When it comes down to crimes being committed against my People, the law becomes gray, easily confused, and difficult to ascertain. Yet, when it comes to them, the law is both swift and clear. In fact, the law is frequently okay with the “arresting officers” playing the role of the cop, magistrate, attorney, judge, and ultimately executioner all within the same time and setting. You do remember Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, etc.. The list is too long to write. So, yes, I’m angry. I am sick and tired of my People being blamed for most of the problems in this Country. They call us violent, yet, we are rarely, if ever, accused of massive school shootings or crimes such as this. They call us ignorant, yet, it seems that some of the politicians in government right now either can’t read, or don’t read. What leadership? They say that we aren’t patriotic enough. How? How in the hell can we sincerely bask in the wonder of all that is patriotism when it seems that the patriots of today would prefer for my People to be buried beneath the soil that our Ancestors toiled and built? How can we be patriotic when your fear transcends our truth? How? If I am to remain silent and compliant in order to be accepted, you must as well. We should no longer teach about the civil war. We should no longer stand in awe of the plantation houses that exists throughout our Country. Honestly, we don’t find anything beautiful about them. There’s that. We should no longer talk about this “land of the free” when clearly, my People still aren’t. No. The savage within me hopes that this young man receives the justice that he is due. The Codes of Hammurabi should clearly apply in this particular case. An eye for an eye. I am angry. I have the right to be angry, so, yes, I’m angry. My People have had enough of this shit in this Country, and it is time for us to start fighting back. Let’s get up off of our knees, let’s stop singing, let’s stop marching, let’s stop carrying signs, let’s stop being compliant and complacent. Let’s be Americans… Liberty and Justice for All… Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything.

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