What If?

What if the Robb Elementary School shooter decided to buy a joint instead of a gun? I imagine that the children who died would still be able to play and run. What if we all said I’m sorry when we knew that we had wronged? I imagine that some of those we lost we still be here rather than gone. What if we said we’re in need more than we said, “I’m good?” I imagine there wouldn’t be so much tension in the hood. What if we said, no, this isn’t right. I don’t like this? I imagine that we would all have better understandings of pure bliss. What if we talked about the scars on our souls that sometimes keep us isolated? I imagine that we wouldn’t waste so much time and energy focusing on the people in our past that we actually hated. What if we ended racism and treated all people the same? I imagine a world full of joy and love in which we all called one another by name. What if, good or bad, we all knew the History of our past? I imagine that our world would be a better place, as strength and love would be the only things to last. What if we had more questions than we do answers? I imagine that we would have a cure for divorce, homelessness, poverty, and cancer. What if we loved one another more than we love things that will never love us back? I imagine a world in which conversations wouldn’t have to revolve around the differences between Black and White. What if we had family time without the presence of cell phones? I imagine that we would all feel more connected and less alone. What if we said, “I love you,” and actually meant it? I imagine that we’d cherish Love because when it comes, we’d know that God actually sent it. What if “I do” actually meant more than maybe? I imagine that we would be better parents to our babies. What if we embraced getting older more than attempting to stay young? I imagine that we could reflect, smile, and be proud of the things that we have done. What if making love was more important than going to the gym? I imagine that we wouldn’t be concerned about the opinions of she, he, her, or him. What if we decided to make a change, you know, do things differently? I imagine that there would be a better you, and in turn, a better me. What if there was actually Liberty and Justice for all? I imagine that when it comes to a woman’s body, our government would actually allow that woman to make the call. What if I were never hurt, would I still be me. I know that, despite all of that, I am so blessed to exist and be, well, me and free….Patrick

I was spiritually compelled. Forgive me. As the week continues, please do something for someone other than yourself for no reason than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything.

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