Wednesday Night.

It’s Wednesday. The night has come. I’m here. You’re there. This is us. Apart, yet close at the same time. Isn’t life funny like that? So much has been going on in my mind. Another mass shooting accompanied by another mass media coverage. Why haven’t they learned to not make stars out of murderers? Sadly, I guess that ratings mean more than morality. There’s that. I’m not going to go down the rabbit hole. Again, it’s Wednesday night. I’m here. You’re there. This is us. Apart, yet close at the same time. These are all of the things that I thought about writing this week. 1.) How? How do I wake up without knowing that you are beside me? How do I stand up without you there to guide me? How do I drive without you as my navigation? How do I come back to a happy home without you there waiting? How do I live without my better half? How do I grin? How do I smile? How do I laugh? How do I dream without someone to dream with, and for? How do I keep going without the urge to give the one that I love more than me more? What is Love without you, and what am I without we? I need you like the sky needs the sea. I need you like the sun needs the moon. I need you like four walls, a ceiling, and a door completing a room. With you, I’m completely complete. Without you, I am not completely me. It’s Wednesday night, and these are my thoughts…2.) January 6th Hearings. HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED? IF TRUMP WAS BLACK, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES ON JANUARY 5TH! STOP IT ALREADY! 3.) Women. As Men, we are less than nothing without you. You give us purpose. Without you, we wouldn’t hunt or gather. We wouldn’t protect or defend. Each and every one of us is patiently awaiting the you that makes us feel more than Man. We are waiting for the one who can still gather the dust from our stolen dreams, pass it on to us, and help us make those dreams reality. Woman, you are our God. Perhaps this is why we feel the closest to Heaven when we are inside of you. You are our God. Woman, we worship you still. 4.) Gas Prices. NO ONE GETS IT!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! It’s Wednesday night, I’m all over the place. I’m working. I’m writing. I’m thinking. I’m living. Ain’t Wednesday Grand???? Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything…

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