Dear Hip Hop.

Dear Hip Hop,

Wow, it’s been a minute. How are you? Me, I’m fine. I’ve been chasing dreams, building more, and chasing those as well. I’m still not happy, but hey, as long as I’m dream chasing, I’m better than I once was right? What about you? What have you been up to? I know that we should have spoken before now, but I’ll lie and tell you that I was busy. Honestly, I cheated on you with Jazz and Country music. It’s okay to tell me the truth. You cheated on me with Capitalism and Hollywood. Neither of us are what we once were; pure. Once upon a time we Loved one another for free. We Loved us because no one else did. Even though we were once bought, we could never be sold. Once upon a time we lived in Love. I received a letter in your name today. I couldn’t believe it was sent to my house, but it was. It was a letter for you from Racist America. It also included a check with the p.s., “we all know how much you like to shine, so we thought we’d help you out.” I sent the letter back with the words, return to sender. I said this couldn’t be for Hip Hop. This letter must be for rap. Once upon a time, when people spoke from the hip, it meant unapologetic truth. This is why it was kept to the confines of the ghetto. There, everyone clearly understood what was happening even though those truths were never spoken. Hop meant that we danced in the storms of our existence with both beauty and defiance. Simply put, we danced to the rhythm of our truths. That was you Hip Hop. Rapper’s Delight was a ghetto fabulous illustration of our truth. Curtis Blow was one of your architects. The Message convicted American of it’s Capital Crime of overlooking the very people that built, edified, and enriched this Nation. Run DMC introduced us to what money could actually do while screaming “Hard Times.” LL Cool J gave us BARS! My boys, DAS-EFX gave us art in the name of different. NWA gave us unapologetic, unforgiving, and in your face truths about the perils of the very environment that the Iran Contras created. Liberty and Justice for all….Ok… My Family, my Cousin, Pac… We never met, but I clearly understand your pain. It’s something about that Garland blood. I get it Brother. You gave us vulnerability, strength, truth, beauty, power, and hope in the beginning. Biggie, you gave us finesse. Black and Ugly as ever. However,….. Man, I miss you Big. Dr. Dre and Snoop, Fam, you gave us some of the dopest tracks I have ever heard. To this day, they are some of the dopest tracks I have ever heard. Puff….. You are the embodiment of everything New York. You taught me to dream bigger. I am so proud of you. Rakim… BARS!!!!! Big Daddy Kane… BARS!!!!! Nas, you gave us art, truth, history, and Love. KRS-One, I could write an entire blog just about you. Thank you…. Jay-Z.. You are one of my heroes. Thank you for what you gave, what you give, and how you move. You are the personification of Langston Hughe’s “I, too, Am America.” Kanye… I love the embrace of your art, truth, and style. Shine Kanye!!! I Love You Brother. Hip Hop, we need you to stand up because rap is in bed with our oppressor. There’s a saying that we should speak our truths even if our voices tremble. You made the world dance to the sound of our truths, and as a result, life for us began to change. Rap, we didn’t create rap; racism did. Like they wrapped us in chains, chained us to boats, wrapped us in sheets as they threw the defiant overboard, and wrapped us in ignorance through no fault of our own, they now present rap music. No, we gave birth to Hip Hop. Rap is an artificial intelligence created in order to determine is affect on society. Hip Hop, look at it’s affect. We need you Hip Hop. I need you. I miss you. While you’re thinking of a master plan with nothing but sweat inside your hands, we need you remind the world to not push me because I’m close to the edge while trying not to lose my head. It is like a jungle. Hip Hop, our babies need you to stand up. Our future needs you. I need you. Stand up Hip Hop. Please…. Patrick

This week, please do something for someone other than yourself for no other reason than to make their lives better. As always, if you make it to where you’re going, please don’t forget to leave a map for the rest of us. Always Choose Love Because Love Changes Everything.

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